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Fornorm Wearable Nail Stickers NFC Card

Dragons Chain®


N2 serial smart nail is an entirely new multifunctional nail art product, through the perfect combination of technology and fashion, let all them no longer drab.

N2 serial smart nail comes in three models, N2M, N2F and N2L, every model has distinctive function characteristics.

N2F is equipped with a new NFC chip, with its exclusive APP and unique features of NFC, you can become a fashion player through the finger tips.

The N2M smart nail built-in a microchip that made by nano technology, it can copy and simulate to become any inductive IC card.

The N2L smart nail is the second generation of LED nail tip, made by the new generation of Guinness level flexible circuit board, with 28 technological process to create it having 0.1mm thick.

Access Control Card:  Parking card, elevator card, shopping card, time card, membership card, hospital card etc.


Type: Smart Nail Sticker

Material: FPC Flexible Circuit Board


Item Color: As Shown

Series: N2 (N2M, N2F and N2L)

Certification: CE

Size: Suitable For Most People

Net Weight: 3g / 0.11oz


1*Smart Nail Sticker

3*Package Box